No.93 : Autoimmune Disease (Nov 2010)

by Elders International

I have great news to tell. I have been suffering from autoimmune disease for 22 years as I consulted with Dr. Suzuki. The value of antinuclear antibody, which is used to evaluate autoimmune disease, was 640 at the beginning. However, it became 40 on October 5th, 2010. The normal value is less than 40, so my value has become almost normal.

Dr. Suzuki has taught me so much. One year ago, I started to take M10-8 S.S. Chitosan Complex every single day. I started feeling really refreshed, therefore I decided to take a blood test and found out my number became normal.

I appreciate so much that I found the great supplement which Dr. Suzuki has developed. I really wish that people suffering from autoimmune disease will find Dr. Suzuki's supplement.

My daily intake (Started from last summer)

1.M10-8 Maitake Herb Tea:Take one teaspoon, 3 times a day
2.M10-8 S.S. Chitosan Complex: Take 10 capsules
(Morning 3 caps, Lunch 4 caps, Evening 3 caps)
(K.Y. female in 60s, resides in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan)