Trivia of Supplement

1. High quality you can trust

Please choose fresh products since supplements are considered as food. Our supplements have the date of manufacture and/or the expiration date on all the products. Please close the lid tightly after opening and store in a cool and dry place.

2. Color, Shape and Smell

You might want to choose supplement with great looks or with no smell; however it might contain preservatives to make products look shinny or food colors for coloring. Please remember to choose those which have rough surface with no artificial coating or with distinctive smell. These are the natural supplements and they will work better in our body.

3. Healthy life won’t be guaranteed just by taking supplement everyday

f you want to take supplement efficiently, you should eat healthy nutritious food everyday. The purpose of supplements is to provide sufficient nutrition which lacks in our meals. In order to maintain healthy life, adequate excise is necessary. The excise can enhance immune functions by activating body cells and promoting blood flow. In addition, avoiding alcohol and smoking is indispensable for healthful life.

4. Take supplement daily for at least 3 months consecutively for maximum benefit

Multi-vitamin and mineral support and maintain healthy body functions. You may not experience supplement effects immediately since it takes at least 3 months for body cells to renew. We recommend you to take supplement for at least 3 months straight.

5. How to take supplements effectively

Just taking any supplement doesn’t make you healthy. It is important to know how to take supplement. Elders International can give you an advice for how to take supplement effectively and the amount of daily intake to maximize the health benefit.