No.43 : Pulmonary emphysema was cured.

by Elders International

I am 68 years old. I just came back to Hawaii from a trip to China for 15 days. I went in a group of about 50 people from Hawaii. Most of them caught cold or got out of health during the trip. Only I did not catch cold even and the people in the group say even now that it was mysterious.

However, I used to have various diseases and was not strong. I had many diseases caused by stress such as pulmonary emphysema, arthritis (at fingers), stiff and painful shoulders, etc.

About one year ago, a friend introduced Chitosan complex M10-8 (SS) to me, and I began to take it. I believe that is why I became quite healthy.

Pulmonary emphysema is a disease whereby air stays in the lungs and makes breathing difficult. Thus, the contractile power of the lungs weakens. They say that this disease gets more difficult to cure as the age advances. However, in my case, it stabilized and was finally cured.

Thanks to the products, arthritis disappeared and such acute stiff and painful shoulders also disappeared faster than I expected.

When I think my health is kept by two tablets each in the morning and in the evening, I feel that my life is supported by this Chitosan complex M10-8 (SS). Now I can not live on without this.

(A. I., a 68 years old female born in Yamagata-ken and living in Hawaii.)


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