"The power of minerals against the coronavirus."

by Elders International

The world is turbulent with a Chinese-derived coronavirus. Everyone, please be calm and collected. Who protects your body? It is not a drug or vaccine, it's not a doctor or a government. It is you who protects your body. I have always said, "You are the best doctor for you. Nobody knows your body better than you. Only you can judge your body and make the right interpretations.” I also explained the importance of minerals, "If you want to stay healthy, adjust the mineral balance." By adjusting the mineral balance, the pH balance in the body is adjusted, blood flow is improved, mitochondria that suppress cell growth are well distributed, and immune cells that fight viruses can be made to work accordingly. If trace minerals are overflowing and the mineral balance is adjusted, viruses are not to be afraid of.

Did you know that in the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA, there are thousands of years of old reefs that spring up with precious mineral-like mineral water that flows through the rocks? The component of this water is called “trace mineral”, which is natural mineral-concentrated water containing 100 kinds of minerals which is called “God's water”.

Trace minerals are displayed as "trace elements", but the term "trace" means "going back to the root of the universe", meaning there were a huge number of minerals when the earth appeared. The earth is made up of over 200 different minerals. Because it is so alkaline, viruses and other organisms will not survive and will die instantly. Therefore, if you drink half a teaspoon of trace mineral liquid in a glass of water or other drink, your body fluids will be alkaline.

These trace minerals are sold at Elders, and I usually drink them. Also, for my own use, I put it in a spray bottle and spray it into my house and car. I believe that creating an environment full of minerals will result in good health and anti-virus measures. It is also recommended to spray on your mask.

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Dr. Benjamin Suzuki
Elders International Inc.


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