Moisturizes the scalp and promotes blood circulation. It also leads to elasticity, strength, and luster in thin hair. A hair nourishing essence for the scalp that nurtures healthy scalp and beautiful hair in all directions in the head spa series.

Cosme Proud Replenishing Scalp Essence" is the finishing touch to scalp care, creating a clean scalp environment where beautiful and strong hair can easily grow, and delivering nutrients to hair matrix cells by promoting blood circulation and moisturizing and softening the scalp with Japanese and Chinese plants known as herbal medicines since ancient times. It activates hair papilla cells, regulates hormone balance, and prevents hair loss. Ingredients that regulate the scalp environment with hair growth effects and growth factors help nurture beautiful hair with elasticity, strength, and luster.


- Hair nourishing ingredients such as pre-clan, jiaogulan extract, and tamarind mushroom extract, as well as cell-activating ingredients such as placenta extract, fulvic acid, and shiitake mushroom extract, are used to create hair with firmness and elasticity.
- Prevent hair loss with soybean seed extract, geo extract, loquat leaf extract, which act like female hormones, and Chimbi extract, which promotes blood circulation.
- Ceracute F, nano CMC, hydrolyzed collagen, and fucoidan are used to moisturize the scalp and hair.
- Anti-sebum, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as royal jelly extract, clara root extract, and glycyrrhizinic acid 2K, for a clean scalp.

Main ingredients

- Fulvic acid
- Plectran
- Fucoidan
- Tamogi mushroom extract
- Jigo extract
- Placenta extract
- Shiitake mushroom extract


After shampooing or treatment, wipe off the water from your hair with a towel and spray several times directly on the scalp, focusing on areas of concern (thin hair, whorls, split ends, etc.). It is important to apply the essence directly to the scalp and massage it lightly, not to the hair.

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