HEAL THE BODY with MINERALS - English Booklet


Table of Contents


- Everything comes back to humans.
- The water of life was lost.
- The threat to life from "Food”

Chapter 1: We're already trash

- Mineral imbalance
- The pH balance of body fluids is off
- Mineral balance is the basis of life
- Minerals are the origin of life

Chapter 2: Death begins in the gut

- "Reactive oxygen species" are the cause of all diseases
- Stinky stool
- Death begins in the gut
- All disease begins in the gut
- Diagnosed as diabetic

Chapter 3: Ignorance is a sin

- Cancer -- The mechanism of its development
- Protein balance and cancer
- There is no "medicine" involved in the process of creating life
- Cancer -- What is regrettable

Chapter 4: You create your own destiny

- Genetics of "Metabolic function”
- The human body is reborn every day
- Eliminating suspicious factors from the diet
- Urinary excretion and purification of body fluids
- Improvement and innovation of diet

Chapter 5: "Pyrrole farming" to bring humanity back to life

- "Pyrrole farming" conquers diabetes and cancer
- "Pyrrole farming" produces crops rich in hydrogen
- Rice, vegetables, and tea produced by the "Pyrrole method”
- Change from acidic to alkaline body constitution
- Why not change from acidic rice to mildly alkaline pyrrole rice?


- Everything comes back to man.

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