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MaxiVision Whole Body Formula is an eye vitamin containing twice the Lutein and Zeaxanthin per dose of other brands. These key nutrients are necessary for maintaining healthy eyes, based on the National Eye Institute's AREDS2 study showing they increase macular pigment optical density (MPOD). Their doctor-formulated proprietary blend contains other newly researched eye nutrients and a balanced multivitamin. Whole Body Formula supports eye health and fights effects of aging.


  • Premiere complete multivitamin with 33 ingredients geared towards total eye and body health
  • Contains 20 mg Lutein and 4 mg Zeaxanthin per serving
  • Contains more Lutein than any other eye supplement on the market
  • Contains all the nutrients used in the AREDS studies at safe proper levels
  • High bio-availability
  • Supports eye health and fights effects of aging
  • NO beta-carotene
  • GMP certified

Suggested Use

Take four (4) capsules daily preferably with a meal or as recommended by a physician.

Vitamin A 750 mcg
Vitamin C 500 mg
Vitamin D3 30 mcg
Vitamin E 296 mg
Thiamin 10 mg
Riboflavin 10 mg
Niacin 40 mg
Vitamin B6 10 mg
Folate 300 mcg
Vitamin B12 100 mcg
Biotin 300 mcg
Pantothenic Acid 20 mg
Calcium 45 mg
Iodine 150 mcg
Magnesium 100 mg
Zinc 25 mg
Selenium 70 mcg
Copper 1.2 mg
Manganese 1 mg
Chromium 50 mcg
Molybdenum 25 mcg
Potassium 80 mg
Lutein 20 mg
Zeaxanthin 4 mg
Lycopene 1 mg
Taurine 260 mg
Bilberry Extract 300 mg
Proprietary blend (N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Acetyl-carnitine, Alpha lipoic acid, Coenzyme Q10, Quercetin, Resveratrol) 285 mg
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