M10-8 GLUTATHIONE 250mg (60)


L-glutathione is the powerful antioxidant, which is synthesized in the liver. It protects cells such as red and white blood cells, has important functions such as carbohydrate metabolism, and slows aging process. L-glutathione protects our body from the damages by contaminants, and it protects our liver from alcohol.

Glutathione has been recommended by famous Dr. Firschein in New York. Dr. Hatherill who is the author of 「Eat to Beat Cancer」also recommends Glutathione as a cancer prevention supplement. Glutathione has been added in M10-8 Chitosan. It maximizes the power of liver detoxification. It supports liver and lung health and blood functions.

Setria™ Glutathione (Reduced Form) 250 mg

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