M10-8 SUPER FUCOIDAN is a nutritional supplement containing the best Fucoidan extracted from Mekabu and is carefully blended with powdered Maitake and Astragalus.

M10-8 SUPER FUCOIDAN is recommended for those who are seeking for boosting immune system, anti-allergic, anti-tumor, anti-viral and antibacterial action, anti-Helicobacter pylori, the anti-ulcer effect, cholesterol lowering effect, blood sugar increase inhibitory effect, anticoagulant effect, liver function improvement, and intestinal regulation.

Fucoidan320 mgSupport Immune system, protect stomach, anti-H. pylori, anti-allergic effect, improve liver function, anti-aging, moisturizing skin, and weight control
Maitake30 mgBoosting immune system, relief from chemotherapy side-effects
Astragalus40 mgEnhance immune system, improve lung function, purifying effect of the anti-kidney infection or blood