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Our multi-strain probiotic is a highly concentrated and potent multiple species probiotic supplement. It provides a wide array of the most beneficial bacteria in large amounts that help provide an excellent digestive environment within the small and large intestines. 

Suggested Use

Take 1 vegetarian capsule daily during meals

Lactobacilli acidophilus La-14
Bifidobacteria lactis Bl-04
Lactobacilli salivarius Ls-33
Lactobacilli plantarum Lp-115
Bifidobacteria bifidum Bb-02
Bifidobacteria longum Bl-05
Lactobacilli rhamnosus Lr-32
Lactobacilli bulgaricus Lb-64
Proprietary probiotic blend
Prebiotic blend (FOS, Fiberid® Arabinogalactan) 60 mg
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