M10-8 YOUNG (328.5g)


The three most common causes of death in Japan are 1)Cancer, 2)Heart Attack, and 3)Cerebral Apoplexy. Among these three causes, 2 and 3 are caused by Ateriosclerosis. Ateriosclerosis is the internal fat deposits.

Check your health….

  • Is your waist size 33 inches or more?
  • Is your triglyceride level more than 150?
  • Is your HDL Cholesterol level less than 40?
  • Is your blood pressure level more than 130/85?
  • Is your blood sugar level more than 110?
  • Do you have symptoms of impotence?

If you mark more than two symptoms above, you have Metabolic Syndrome. It is very dangerous to ignore these health warnings. Our new Metabolic Forever Young contributes to improve these six symptoms. Metabolic Forever Young contains two powerful and innovative combinations of amino acids, L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. This combination not only produces growth hormone, the source of youthful body, but also expands artery, increases blood flow, and flashes metabolic wastes in your blood vessel. Metabolic Forever Young also prevents unforeseen heart attack, relief chronic fatigue, reduces bad cholesterol level and internal fat, and ease addiction to chocolates and sweets, which causes obesity and aging, and promotes youthful healthy living.

  • Coping with Metabolic Syndrome
  • Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke
  • Stimulate Blood Flow
  • Relieve Chronic Fatigue and Impotence
  • Growth Hormone Formation and Rejuvenation

Suggested Use

Dissolve one scoop per day in 8oz. juice or water and take on an empty stomach before breakfast, at bedtime, or right after strenuous exercise.

L-Glutamine5700 mg
L-Arginine1000 mg
L-Ornithine1000 mg
L-Lysine1250 mg
Glycine1000 mg
L-Citrulline1000 mg